Rhythm of the Dance UK tour 2014

The National Dance Company of Ireland Featuring The Young Irish Tenors Standing ovations of over 4.8 million people in 59 countries! This incredible live show celebrates both the rich history of Ireland as well as the art of Irish dance. Rhythm of the Dance has heralded a new era in Irish entertainment, featuring thirty dancers, a traditional live full Irish band and the dashing and handsome Young Irish Tenors. Internationally rated as one of the most popular and successful Irish step dance shows on tour, millions of fans have hailed this as a “Must See” The National Dance Company of Ireland’s performers are not only an assemblage of beautiful Irish lassies, and handsome Irish lads, sporting colorful Celtic-themed costumes, tapping and stomping out century-old beats - they are also a special collection of incredible young Irish dancers, singers, and musicians. A crowd favorite, one of the company dancers, a star in her own write, specializes in the ancient Sean Nos Dance style. And along with powerful and moving songs of celebration and hope, performed by The Young Irish Tenors (soon to have their own American Public Television special), all the music in the live show, as well as in the special, is performed live on stage by the “Rhythm of the Dance” musicians, who play on rare and haunting musical instruments throughout the show, like the Celtic Bouzouki, the Cittern, the Octave mandolin, the melodeon (Irish accordion), Tea whistle and Pennywhistle flutes, century-old harps, banjos, fiddles, guitars and various hand drums. Spectacular! Stirring! Sweeping! Stunning! Sensational!